The challenge

Like many large, multinational businesses, Deutsche Telekom often found it difficult to rationalise the business reporting its multi-territory business created every day. With no central repository for this information to be stored, displayed and updated in real time, critical business decision making was often hampered by a lack of up-to-the-minute data.

The business needed a simple and intuitive solution that would allow the whole company greater visibility of what diverse business units were up to, without having to sift through endless spreadsheets – saving them time and money.

What we did

Hosting a series of collaborative workshops for Deutsche Telekom we were able to quickly get to the heart of Deutsche Telekom’s data sharing problem. This was followed by a tailored process of rapid prototyping to create a digital product, based on DT’s existing reporting processes, which automatically updated the company’s newest data into one easily accessible dashboard – available anywhere, across multiple devices and, of course, pin protected for complete security.

What we achieved

By taking Deutsche Telekom on this prototyping journey we were able to identify ways to streamline and improve on existing data management processes to develop a product that was actively useful rather than just functional. As a result our dashboard has become the company’s primary reporting tool, across the whole business, in just 12 months, delivering greater internal collaboration, faster decision making processes and improved intelligence on which decisions are made.

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